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April 2015 - Ongoing

Defi Andri


Client                        : Jimbaran Hijau

Location                   : Jimbaran

Land Size                 : 756 sqm

Number of Storey  : 2

Scope of works       : master planning &


Status                       : ongoing


Alun-Alun Jimbaran is located nearby Jimbaran Hijau Complex. It is purposed as a rented office for any professional from ay field, such as artists, 

bussinessman, painter, etc. The aim is to create a community center for them to get connected and to enrich the activities in the complex. The idea is to connect the indor area or the shops with the outdoor area by inserting the stairs which enables people to go up directly to second floor from outer public space. 

The shops can be accsessed from both outside and inside the buildings. In the center of it, we design a courtyard with glass room for a space for public activities. The design of the building aims to maintain the local character of Bali with the traditional room and which covers every units on the second floor. The green wall and woods railing also maintain the building to be connected to the nature. 

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