Competition is a site  for us to explore our ideas and learning. We would like to communicate our thoughts to wider audiences (namely competition holders, judges, and other competitors as well). We also use this opportunity to collaborate with our fellow architects, researchers and architecture students.

Bundaran Pancasila, Palangkaraya (Desember 2017)

Ari Widio, Doddy Aswarie, Blasius Endru, Ramadhani, Hesty N.

Randy Gunawan, Tommy Wijaya, Rio Dylan, Risma, Saraska Lango, Laras M.

Bundaran Pancasila, Palangkaraya (Desember 2017)

Ari Widio, Evan Kriswandi, Doddy, Alvar Mensana, Claudia Charlene, Robin Ang

Tanjung Kelayang (September 2017)

Blasius Endru, Evan Kriswandi, Hesty N.

Mandalika (September 2017)

Gideon Sutanto, Mike Jo, Adrian

Indonesian Pavilion for VAB 2018 (September 2017)

Ari Widio Prihananto, Fernisia, Angeline Basuki, Alvar Mensana, Andreas Yanuar, Mike Jo

RSUP Dr. Kariadi, Semarang (Juli 2017)

Ari Widio, Dadan

Blasius Endru, Keane Wajong

SimpuLima Tugu Pal Nol (Juli 2017)

Ari Widio, Evan Kriswandi, Andreas Yanuar, Blasius Endru, Keane Wajong

Ngayomi History, Bali (Februari 2017)

Blasius Endru, Patricia Jesslyn, Defi Andri

Nengah Cultural Center, Bali (Desember 2016)

Ari Widio, Evan Kriswandi, Libratono, Andreas Yanuar

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