How do you work?


We strive for excellence in designing and delivering the idea on site. This ideal leads us to offering consultancy service in five phases of design (Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Tender Document, Construction Document), and a supervision phase during the construction process.

Below is what you need to know about the phasing:




(The general information that you will find on your contract document)

However, we understand that some projects -depending on types, size, and budget- might need different approach and therefore demands different work phasing. In that case, we see it more as a challenge than a problem; we seek the most efficient way of work so as to come up with the best design solution.



You do a supervision, does that mean you do not offer construction service?

Exactly, we do not offer construction service. However, if you want us to help you finding the service, we have some fellow contractors that maybe can help you out. If you want us to team up, that is fine as well.

How long is it to finish a project?

and how much is your consultancy fee?

1. The work duration and our consultancy fee (unit price) depend on the building types, size and difficulties. Logically, the more detailed the work, the higher appreciation we hope you to give us.

2. Other than that, they also depend on the time we spend to assure the production of a good design. This means a proper supply of the required data to commence the work and a good correspondence shall help easing the fee.


What if your price is over our budget?

Does that mean we cannot collaborate with you?

In order to maintain the quality of the work, our unit price shall not be negotiated.

However, since we of course would love to learn and work with you, here we suggest several solutions:

1. We can help you reducing the project's construction cost through our design.

2. We can reduce monokroma's involvement in the project; For example, only until the end of design development phase. With this solution, you can hire a contractor to continue the work (usually design and built company can assist you with a lower price).

3. Simplify the project brief and/or reduce the area to be designed. This solution suggests you to work in stages. The working of some points of design brief or/and some areas can be postponed.

We have lots of projects to come and we would love to work with you.

Can you give us discount?

Yes, we can!

But the discount will only be available for those next projects. This discount system shall be understood as  the price we can cut off later when we are already able to collaborate more effective and efficiently.





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