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June - December 2014

Daffodilo Octo, Irene Setiawati


Client                        : Bitdec

Location                   : Tabanan. Bali

Land Size                 : 21 ha

Number of Storey  : 2-3

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : built


This school is designed for Bali International Training and Development Center (BiTDEC). They develop new program, Bali Culinary Pastry School, which includes the culinary school, office, dormitory, clinic, library, canteen, shop, and other facilities to support the main function (a training center for people to learn about culinary). This has been one of our biggest built projects. Located in 21 ha of Bitdec complex, we adapt new spirit in strong character of Bali Architecture.

In designing the interior we mainly use raw material such as wood, steel, and concrete, combine it with mural, playful form, and exposed structure to create a vibe which is suitable for its user which are mainly young people who are eager to learn about culinary. What we do mostly is designing the interior and exterior for canteen and library. Other fascilities are accommodated in the existing building.

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