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Kota Baru Keandra

Gideon Sutanto, ​Evan Kriswandi, Michael Joanes, Doddy Aswarie, Iman, Ramadhani, Defi Andri

Client                        : Tulus Asih

Location                   : Cirebon

Number of Storey  : 2

Scope of works       : master planning


Status                       : completed​

                                     (still going)

Urbanization increases the demand of landed housing in Cirebon. Being one of the progressives, Tulus Asih intends to meet those demands and have an ambitious vision to acquire up to 100 hectares of land to develop a new town with a unique concept.


This new town will host subsidized housing as well as commercial housing for middle class families along with its public facilities. It aims to give space for people not only to live but to build their future.

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