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February 2017

Ari Widio, Evan Kriswandi, Ramadhani, Defi Andri

Client                        : Kemuning

Location                   : Jakarta

Land Size                 : 900 sqm

Number of Storey  : 1

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : built

This RPTRA design take the curvy design from the abstraction of movement lines. Children usually can't stay still. They  tend to move around, running and laughing. If we try to capture the movement line, it is impossible that we will get a linear stiff line. Instead, we will get abstract curvy line. The curvy form also convey an image of tenderness and more inviting for children and mothers who are the main users of this urban park. The curvy roof also brings lightness affect and providing more breathing space for the semi open public function hall and library, making better cross ventilation. It is also a small distiction from its surrounding that could give better imageability of its district, making it easy to spot and remember.

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