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Fernisia (in collaboration with                      )

Submitted to   : No Waste Challenge

Type                  : waste management system

Status                : turning into Cycular ID

watch the VIDEO

The makerspace loves clean plastic waste. We see them as a moldable terrain for our unlimited design adventure and we would like to invite more people to embark on the journey with us. Located in the central commercial area of Lippo Karawaci, a residential development district in the suburban area of Jakarta, makerspace aims to raise the awareness of the people in the neighborhood that plastic waste can not only be treated well to mitigate the Earth’s illness, but also can be upcycled so to add value to our lifes. We facilitate people’s care and curiosity with not only plastic upcycling machines but also instructors, mentors, technicians, as well as a digital platform to generate the business for their own products. Our dream is to make plastic upcycling available for everyone.

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