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National Architecture Installation Festival

IndoBuildTech 2022

ICE BSD, 22-27 March 2022


Fiorent Fernisia

Ramadhani Suardhiman

Ronny Tan

Regenerative Generation (ReGe) believes that being sustainable
when climate crisis has gone this far, is not enough. Instead, we
promote our ongoing attempts to create a generation of architecture
players that focuses on regenerating our built environtment.


First, we take you to look back to one ofthe many senior architects
that dedicated his life to the health and wealth of people's urban life, Dr. Ir. Bianpoen.

Next, we share with you a holistic permaculture experience of Taman Petanu, Eco Neighborhood in Gianyar, Bali.

Finally, we are doing some collaborative works with Playo, Mortier, Bell Society, Mycotech, and many other material makers, to explore some alternative building materials that are eco-lovely.

Through this installation we hope to send our vision and invitation to the public at large, especially the construction industry players and our fellow architects and academicians, to work together in regenerating the planet where we live

Department Chairman
Andreas Y. Wibisono

Fiorent Fernisia



Adetania Pramanik

Teaching Practitioners:

Petra Schneider (PT. Alam Santi)

Taufiq Samadyadi (PT. Miko Bahtera Nusantara)

Mendy Laoda (Mortier)


Assistant lecturer:

Dennis Pranata

Participating students:
Adrian Tantrajaya
Angeline Sie Prayangga
Anita Hidayat
Aulia Gina Aisha
Bertha Efendi
Clara Hasianna
Farrelian Zuriel Thio
Felicia Yosefanny
Hanson Huang
Jack Yang
Jasmine Maurice
Jennifer Laurencia Sidharta
Jessica Novia Limas
Jocelyn Josdaan
Josephine Valerie
Ku San
Masato Furukawa
Maureen Florencia
Michelle Gustijo
Nicole Audreylia
Patrick Jehezkiel
Renata Pavita
Tiur Ratih
Vallerin Aiko
Vincent Lee


Sarjito, Dayanto Abdul

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Plastic frames

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miselium brick

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