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October 2013 - October 2015

Monica Maya


Client                        : Dicky

Location                   : Pondok Indah

Number of Storey  : 3

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : built


This house is designed to be the young man's (Dicky's) first house. Involving him in the whole design and planning process, we make sure that the design can cope with his growing life and business.


This house has a futuristic look thanks to the facade surface finished with different materials. With a certain composition, it gives a unique vibe not only to the outside but also inside in the front rooms. 

Different types of functions occupy each floor depending on their degree of privacy: living and dining rooms on the ground floor, and bedrooms and private living room on the second and third floor. The living and dining are complimented with an island in th emiddle and windows surround that allow direct views to the garden. The special rooms are the open roof top on the third floor which allows a gathering place for a barbeque party.

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