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December 2018 - April 2019

Andreas Yanuar, Fernisia, Ramadhani

Client                        : Aldo & Maya

Location                   : Kuningan

Number of Storey  : 3

Scope of works       : interior design

Status                       : built

Photos by Albert (

Located in two shophouses in Kuningan, this studio for body and mind is estalished to serve urban people who lives and works around the area. Who said that you don't have time to maintain your well-being?


Doma offered two studios. The space for your body rejuvenation is rendered by cool atmosphere, while the one for the mind has warmer feeling. Though different in ambience, both are equipped with pivoted walls with double experession; the solid one if you want intimation and also the reflecting one if you need more light and visuals for the workout. 

Moreover, we are also glad to be able to take the service areas (bathroom, changing and locker room) into our main concern; experience is in the detail and the whole, afterall.

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