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October - November 2015

Stephanie Melissa, Ramadhani, Evelyne Octavia


Client                        : Cencen

Location                   : Lebak Bulus

Land Size                  : 1037 sqm

Number of Storey   : 7

Scope of works        : master planning

                                     & architecture

Status                        : unbuilt

This project was a proposal for a hotel located in lebak bulus. For the pre concept presentation, we made collages for the intended exterior and interior view of the hotel. We proposed two design alternatives for massing and program. The issue is that the site itself has long and narrow land in the front part.


For the first alternative we design the front massing with solid void pattern, ended by perpendicular courtyard. The second alternative is designed to be a single loaded for the front mass ended with a courtyard which is linear. 


The hotel was dedicated for youth with young vibe. For that design we used many raw material like un nished concrete, wood, and steel frames. It was designed as payful as possible so that with limited budget the hotel still has distinc spirit and atmosphere. 


The public area for the first alternative was designed as long path which disembogue in a high ceiling and wide spaces for lounges with varies function in it. The second alternative has further estuary which is the swimming pool which is anked by two masses. 


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