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May 2015 - Ongoing

Ramadhani, Libratono 


Building Type          : Office

Location                   : Jimbaran, Bali

Scope of works       : Facade design

Status                       : ongoing


Jimbaran Hijau Office is located in a 

complex of Jimbaran Hijau with some commercial functions in it. Consisting of outdoor open area, shop houses, and retails, Jimbaran Hijau Office is settled in the center of the complex. It becomes the main view when we entered it. 

The concept of the design facade is based on the rule of Balinese traditional house which must be consisted of head, body, and feet. In former design, the feet became the major part of the facade. 

After that, to lighten up the impression, we break the feet part in to two part. The feet are the heavy ones, incorporating large size and heavy materials like such as lime stone and coral stone. 

The proportion of the head is maintained to keep the balance of the whole facade. The entrance is signed by a large and high canopy with brighter color, which is also functionated as the vocal point of the design. 

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