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November 2014 - Ongoing

Jacky Theodore, Defi Andri


Client                        : Kementrian Perhubungan

Location                   : Labuan Bajo

Land Size                 : 5 ha

Number of Storey  : 2-3

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : ongoing


The given assignment for Labuan Bajo Airport is to design the extension terminal and some supporting building. The first passanger terminal was designed by other architect consultant, the design was inspired by the local character. Labuan Bajo is well known with its beaches as main tourism object and the Pulau Komodo which reserves komodo, the rare animal. Inspired by the exotic beaches there and the dinamic form of the komodo as the local character, the passanger terminal was designed in curvy form, using metal and glass material considering the maintanance and sustainability issue for the airport.


While the extension terminal was designed following the curvy line of the first terminal, they are seperated by a open garden which is functionated as the consession area where the waiting passanger could do shopping and eating. This area was filled with the trafditional huts of the local people. The departure gate was designed as open plan. It is to anticipate the overload passanger if the planes delay. -The design for supporting building is in one theme with the main terminal. The curvy roof is placed above the block massing of each function.


Labuan Bajo Airport is still under development for some of the supporting buildings. The following design is planned to be started after the construction of some others finished. The designed supporting terminal includes administrative office, operational office, power house, security office, maintanance office, VIP terminal, cargo terminal, and tower.

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