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February - March 2015

Defi Andri

Client                        : Adi

Location                   : Cluster Mahogani,Bintaro

Land Size                 : 96 sqm

Number of Storey  : 3

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : unbuilt


This house is located in Mahogani Cluster, Bintaro, one stories neighborhood. The owner wants to raise the house to three stories. To fit the new building with the neighbor, we move the facade 4 meters back from the road, place the garage on the first floor, living room and dining room on the
second floor, and bedrooms to the third floor.


The entrance stairs direct people to go directly to the second floor. It’s creating void and solid for the facade. In this project
we play with boxes, plates for the roof, and line as columns in the front of the house.

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