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Visiting Zen House

January 30, 2020

We payed out client a visit. Not only that this allowed our team to get to see what they'd designed, the moment enabled the client to evaluate our work as well. Thank you Bu Priscil, for having us!

A visit to Aboday Design

October 31, 2019

Don't get us wrong, we were not invited to join their costume party to celebrate Halloween. We came to present and discuss the issue on "Representing architectural representation". During the Q&A session they asked if we used this kind of representation during our daily work. We said, sometimes, we just need to find the right project and time to apply the method ;)

Dua Manusia

July 11, 2019

We are glad to support our team member, Fernisia, in her practice of making architecture for more people. This time we would like to extend the boundary, where architects do not only involve in the making of theater building that house the stage, theater props that are on the stage, but also the space in between; the space where the audience are involved in the stage.

Invited by Drupadi.ID in this project, we collaborated with Ardy Hartono, Trianzani Sulshi, and Maika Collective.

Doma Studio on progress

March 07, 2019

Owned by a strong-spirited young couples, this body and mind wellness studio must be finished as soon as possible despite the minimum budget. We have a dream and that is to be executed!

An Indonesian intern from Japan

March 10, 2019

Ferdinand Aldi, a third semester student from Mushashino University, has just finished his internship program. It was quite an interesting process when we collaborate on one project initiation; He used his hands a lot in designing, be it two and three dimensionally. At the end of the program he brought us two little succulents for the office :)

Villa Nangka: on going

April 17, 2019

After all the challenges, the villas are starting to grow. Rose is pregnant; these two sea-and-shark lovers are expecting it around this mid year. Anyone plan to visit Gili Air, don't forget to say hi to them!

Bogorienze is launched

February 05, 2019

On Indonesia Housing, 2019.

A visit from Evan Kriswandi

January 08, 2019

Taking a master in Urbanism, Evan is entering his third semester after this holiday. Visiting the office, he shared us a bit about his study and managed to come with us to take a look at our nearest project, the Zen House. See you very soon Evan!

Villa Nangka: The 2018 earthquake in Lombok

October 24, 2018

The earthquake last August brought us to travel to Gili Air for these two Dutch-German couple. Being the third owner of this villa complex, they had no idea that the buildings weren't properly built. Three of their villas were severely damaged.  So along with some helps from Mendy Laoda and Stevanus Halim, we provide them a new design for the villas. On the picture: Andreas and Rose on the Master Villa  with one of their boys playing guitar.

Architecture representation class

July 12, 2018

Since two of our members, Ari Widio and Fernisia, are lecturers at UPH Architecture, Monokroma has a strong relationship with the department. This Saturday one of the classes, Architecture Representation, visited us to do a field study. Below are a few of the resulting drawings the students came up with. They scrutinized the relationship between the building masses on the site (between Pak Ari's house and the office), and the tectonics of the architectural elements in the house.

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