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August 2014 - March 2015

Defi Andri, Ramadhani


Client                        : Ferry Suhaiki

Location                   : Palm Ratu

Land Size                  : 324 sqm

Number of Storey   : 2

Scope of works        : renovation

Status                        : unbuilt


The design brief for Palm Ratu House is to renovate and combine three family houses. We have to preservie all functions but in a more ordered arrangement of spaces and circulation area for the family. 

In this project we use tropical house style to decide on the materials, details, and the forms used. It brings us to choose stones and wood as the finish materials for the house

The massing at the front area is divided into car port and bedroom masses. The play of transparancy and solidity of the masses create unredundant and robust impression, both for inside and outside.

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