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November 2015 - February 2016

Evan Kriswandi, Libratono, Evelyne Octavia 


Client                        : Perusahaan Film


Location                   : Jl. Otista Raya

Land Size                 : 23000 sqm

Number of Storey  : 8

Scope of works       : masterplanning &


Status                       : unbuilt


Perusahaan Film Negara was a big national company which produce many films in its era. They have a site which accomodate some function. Besides the office, there are old buildings in it which used to be storage and rooms for shooting and making movie. They are now not functioning as they were. PFN currently plans a mission to rebuilt the old office and the area to restore themselves as well as the site and to revive the Indonesia movie industry. 


We are then taking part to propose design which and ressurect the old PFN. We plan to design a new concept which can provide the public spaces to involve and entertain more people in the movie production. With the idea from term “box office“, we arrange composision of massings to accomoda-te function responding the context. There are studio office, cinema, museum which preserve the old office building , shops, banquet hall, hotel, mosque, outdoor studio, drop-off area, plaza, outdoor cafes. We design path that enable people accessed the public spaces and enjoy the movie production and the process without disturbing the main process of movie production.



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