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Villa Nangka on CASA Indonesia IG Live Trip

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

It was such a journey for us to be involved in Project CINLOC by Villa Nangka, Gili Air, in 2018-2019. Their Villa was torn down by the Lombok earthquake in August, and they had to be back in business the next year. Yes, that was before pandemic. Last week, 20 December, we got a chance to visit the villa and report what's going on in this dearest project of ours.

check out this link for the full video:

the welcoming gestures

The simplicity of its front gate is a humble sign that welcomes everyone. A natural finish on the walkway will lead us to the semi indoor structure, which is a kitchen (not a formal terrifying receptionist!) As the heart of the area, the strong gesture of this building directs people to the open again; its bamboo columns and alang-alang roof frame the tree that makes up the name of this villa, a jack fruit tree (Villa Nangka).

decide how you want your stay to be like

Entering the open space this time, we are given the opportunity to look around 360. At the front across the organic shaped pool, is an entire villa of two identical connected bedrooms with a private bamboo living room on the second floor. On its left is the Lumbung, a single bedroom villa hiding at the corner for a more private feeling. Across it, the closest building to the kitchen (also the biggest one in the area), is the 3-bedroom villa, consisted of the deluxe one with the pool view, or the two dormitories if you prefer bunk beds for a more chill and communal stays with friends. On the second floor of this building, still under construction, is an all-in-one apartment, fully in bamboo structure. It consists of the most luxurious bedroom, a closet, a bathroom, a living room, plus, a mezzanine and a rooftop too!

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