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March 2016 - Ongoing

Defi Andri, Stephanie Melissa


Client                        : Raymond Liu

Location                   : Jalan Diponergoro,

                                    Lippo Karawaci

Land Size                 : 350 sqm

Number of Storey  : 2

Scope of works       : renovation

Status                       : ongoing

The owner of the house request a spacious space for gathering in their own house. The current design of the house consists of guest room, dining room, and private living room
in the first floor, garage, and service area. On the second floor there are three bedrooms, and 1 master bedroom. The other request is the higher ceiling and more bedroom on the
first floor. Considering the budget, we makes two alternative design, to rebuilt or only to renovate the house.


The first alternative is alternative is to extend the terrace and front guest room, utilize the garage as the additional bedroom. The second is to make a void and erasing the existing partition between guest room and dining room. The third is we untilize the garage as the gathering area, and moving all
bedrooms to second and the third floor. 

We proposed classic colonial and classic american style for the house.

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