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September 2014 - November 2015    

Stephanie Melissa 


Client                        : Saka Agung Abadi

Location                   : Sanur, Denpasar, Bali

Land Size                  : 2100 sqm

Number of Storey   : 2-3

Scope of works        : master planning &


Status                        : unbuilt


Saka Agung Abadi, one of the biggest distributor company in Bali, commisions us to create its new headquarter. It requires three divided massings; branch office accomodating the marketing staffs and customers service, meeting hall, and the head office for the director and the main staff. As the first step of the 

exploration we test some arrangements for the three masses. 

The design is affected by the rules of the Balinese traditional house, which needs the mass to be consisted of head, body, and feet. We construct the elements with some arrangements such as creating the hanged body on the feet, and breaking the feet, body, and the head cantilevering from one another. 

In the final design, we create the gates from the feet element of the branch office. The mass of branch office is located in the front, the meeting room in the middle, and the head office in the back. We also use a simplified traditional ornament for the beam and the column for each building. 

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