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January 2021 - nov 2021    

Abigail Sarah, Andina Cahya, Ramadhani Suardhiman

Client                        : Synnex Metrodata

Location                   : APL Tower, CP

Number of Storey   : 1

Scope of works        : interior design

Status                        : under construction

Contractor                : Ties DnB

As the best information and communication technology (ICT) products and solutions distribution company in Indonesia, Synnex Metrodata has an earnest vision to provide a safe and yet, high-functioning office space for this new normal.

The space uses a color coding and sensoric system to accommodate a trackable working and group discussion area, demo space, as well as service area such as pantry and storage.


The desk are also especially design to allow for physical distancing (1 desk 1 person), or a more packed number of staff (1 desk 2 persons).

the future of work is collaboration!

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