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November 2014 - Ongoing

Jacky Theodore, Defi Andri, Stephanie Melissa


Client                        : Kementrian Perhubungan

Location                   : Ternate

Land Size                 : 5 ha

Number of Storey  : 2-3

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : ongoing


Ternate Airport’s passanger terminal is 1 storey building. It was designed as a box wich cover with extruded arc roof. The two sides of the arc roof are made of glass. The roofs are also deisgned to have some circle holes as the skylight for the building. With the skylights, the passangers terminal is planned to safe energy for the lighting. Like the Labuan Bajo Airport, the first and the ultimate terminal was splitted by an open garden and concession area.


The supporting building are designed as varies boxes which have skin consisting of random square plates. The building skin is proposed to enter the sunlight for the lighting of the buidling and also to avoid heat. The supporting buildings which have been designed are administrative office, operational office, power house, security office, maintanance office, VIP terminal, cargo terminal, workshop, and tower.

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