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October - November 2015



Client                        : Cencen

Location                   : BSD

Land Size                 : 5000 sqm

Number of Storey  : 2

Scope of works       : master planning &


Status                       : unbuilt


The trampoline are was a proposal for a new commercial program in Serpong Area. It is located in strategic area, to accomodate activities that’s in majority used by youth.

The design was started by creating a mass which is functionated as retail and cafe on the first floor, and trampoline arena on the second floor.

The main opening is located in the corner of the mass which is often seen from the main road. The cafe and retail are also located linear with the main road. The main entrance is placed in the midst of them. 


The trampoline arena itself is designed as a giant form placed on the second level. It is built from widespan structure like a giant storage with minimum opening on the wall and roof. The space around the main arena is functionated for lockers and ticketing area. 



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