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August 2015 - Ongoing


Client                        : Srida

Location                   : Ubud, Bali

Number of Storey  : 2

Scope of works       : masterplan &


Status                       : ongoing

This project is designed to be a new private villa of the owner, which is located behind her former house in Ubud. This new villa is also intended to be rented. The owner wants the project to appear as a little hut with swimming pool nearby. With advantage of its site, which enables users to access the river, we design stairs to go down to the valley. The stairs is the continuation from the path which starts from the house, passing the swimming pool and ends in the river. 

The villa itself is designed by opening most of the sides of the hut to enable the users enjoy the view around. The bedroom is designed to face the river, while the living room and kitchen to face the swimming pool. The swimming pool itself is placed near a big tree that is preserved by the owner. 

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