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September 2017 - May 2019

Doddy Aswarie

Client                        : Priscilla & Stefan

Location                   : Lippo Karawaci

Number of Storey  : 2

Scope of works       : architecture

Status                       : built

Bu Priscilla and Pak Stefan was hoping to renovate their house, simply to enable air circulation and natural light to come in to the house. However, after some iteration during the design process, they were with us to make the house a light well at its center and the 1.5m gap from their neighbor's house.

This light well and the side gaps do not only enable the air circulation and natural light for the rooms surrounding it, it also acts as a buffer that gives each a threshold space and comforting room proportion. With this strategy, the rooms feel intimate and warm, comfortable and healthy.

Contact us for the interview transcript with Ibu Priscilla when we discuss about WFH in her house.

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